Two good links to share with people who are ready to acknowledge their health problems are likely caused by the injections.



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This is a long video, but Dr. Paul Cottrell who I'm still learning about but he seems very sharp, a Phd and soon to be an MD, but aside from lots of guilty pleasure McDonald's stuff, he gets into the AIDS stuff, he calls it AIDS-like Syndrome (which AIDS itself is a syndrome, so...redundant).

Go to the 32:00 mark. And he goes into a lot of Pharm is heavy into AIDS research now, apparently.


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thanks for the halligan link. he's on it. also this: wall street insurance industry analyst josh stirling's research shows that every subsequent dose of the lethal injection increases mortality by 7% https://www.newswars.com/top-insurance-analyst-finds-7-increase-in-aggregate-mortality-for-each-covid-vax-dose-received/

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Yes. VAIDS is pernicious and far more pervasive, and possibly permanent. If anything besides nuclear war can bring about Deagle's 2025 depopulation projections, this is it.

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HIV AIDS caused a flu like illness a couple weeks after infection. That went away. The infected took an average of 5 years to develop the multiple cancers and immune system collapse of full blown AIDS. Bayesian statistics would use that as the prior expectation for Pfizer jab VAIDS. The jabbed thus have a likely span of about 3.5-4 years before half of them develop multiple cancers.

Those that had cancers in remission, died quickly of reactivated aggressive cancer after the jabs. Known as Turbo-Cancer from a Swedish pathologist. Two jabs, boosters and still caught covid? They have no functioning immune system left. VAIDS. They are the walking dead.

Avoid those still wearing masks. They are the true believers. They hate you for not wearing a mask and blame you for their repeated covid infections. They take Merck's molnupiravir and made their bodies perfect grounds for developing new mutations (variants) that now threaten the pure bloods. Keep up with the prophylactics, vitamins D&C, and quercetin and zinc. Pity the walking dead and trust in the supplements. Keep some horse paste in reserve just in case. You are about to inherit the Earth.

It is going to be lonely. Prepare yourself, be strong. (I really hope I am wrong. Just a quarter of the jabbed and boosted dying will be very hard. More that that and maybe the electricity goes away and modern civilization collapses.)

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