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What do I think? I think I need to read this more than once.

Amy, I think you are really on to something I had not considered. I mean, I did know this is a spiritual battle - and our enemies are spiritual beings in high positions in the dark kingdom.

You know - "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places...." -- but before this reading, I hadn't put together HOW this could be done -- on both the spiritual AND physical levels on such a MASSIVE, NO-TOUCH SCALE. I'm talking FREQUENCIES. It's not the same as the jabs - people agreed to do that, even under duress -- they submitted to it.

But the frequency factor? That's a whole other level of megadeath.

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speculation is forbidden because it's a form of inquiry. can't ask questions.

rashid buttar was the first doctor i know of to raise the spectre of a EMF-activated sleeper component to the kill shot (start the video at 32:20)


and maybe he got wacked for saying it https://celiafarber.substack.com/p/dr-rashid-buttar-dies-of-an-apparent

for those looking for an alternative to EDTA for shedding - brucha weisberger has been working overtime on protocols to flush the garbage out of your system https://truth613.substack.com/p/updated-protocols-for-those-who-are

i've been doing pine needle tea since summer 2021 and feel great

btw some info for Jasmine and your mom and peeps stateside - on october 4 at 2:20 PM EST there's going to be a nationwide emergency broadcast signal sent to every phone in the country. just having every phone activated is going to be problematic even if there's no additional sinister EMF activity

i'll be out on the rocks as far into the water as i can get, away from the cell towers. sans phone.

the test may repeat 10/11, same time.

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I can tell you Amy this is something I have thought about a lot. RFK Jr said in his interview with Russell Brand these shots were NOT EVEN made by Pfizer/Moderna (P/M). Prior to that revelation I assumed that they had been. I knew DARPA had concocted it. Turns out P/M was there for name recognition only.

I ask that you let that sink in. Think about the Exec Team at Pfizer and put yourself in their shoes. You didn’t invent the vaccine and you didn’t make it either. Still you decide it’s worthy of your company’s name recognition. This actually goes ditto for the FDA, CDC, Hospitals but let’s remain at the very top (P/M). What fun are Billions of Dollars if you are being hunted everywhere on earth? Whatever the reason there must have been a certain amount of confidence that would not happen.

I ask what could give you (Pfizer Exec) so much surety you would be ok with injecting pregnant women? Let’s not forget they tried to hide the initial trial results for 75 years as well. Whatever drives that audacity is truly a game changer. I don’t have the answer but I do have my suspicions you can take your pick.

My best guess is widespread crown control. The Great Reset required that people own nothing by 2030. Does Klaus Schwab seem like a prankster to you? He certainly doesn’t to me. I tried to explain to a friend in order for the US to go from here to there by 2030 drastic events must take place. This will no doubt invite much civil unrest. To give Klaus a quote “The world will become a very angry world.”

I would stick with “activated by a frequency” as opposed to 5G for Normies sake. Not sure it really matters at this point regardless. Bill Gates “The next pandemic will be much worse.” Add it all up and you come to the conclusion there’s something more meaningful to these jabs.

Perhaps as long as things go smooth for Globohomo they let it ride taking the slow kill approach (current trajectory). However I have a feeling if the situation warrants it they will either release a virulent strain of Covid or perhaps even use a frequency to trigger it if that’s even possible. Oh and if neither happens no worries. Mother Nature and fate will fuck things up and rightfully so.


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Good to see you delve into this Amy.

More is hidden than is seen. We're not supposed to know. But some are immune to dark forces. Looks like you are one.

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I was wondering about remote activation just before seeing your post, as I was asking myself about this Death on Stage that occurred 2 days ago. Just copied and pasted this from my comment on MCM’s stack:

Drama still going on at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Temple’s acting president, JoAnne A. Epps (72), has died after falling ill on stage at university event.

"After leaning forward to pick up some papers, Williams-Witherspoon noticed something seemed to be wrong with Epps. “I said JoAnne, are you OK?” Williams-Witherspoon recalled. “She didn’t respond. Her eyes were open. I touched her hand and said, ‘In the name of Jesus.’”

Epps took a deep breath before an officer came and carried her out, Williams-Witherspoon said. It wouldn’t be until about halfway through the Blockson event that she learned of her friend’s death.'


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Electro-magnetic radiation needs no other component to kill you.


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One who liberated herself and survived them: Sabrina Wallace. See Psinergy on Odysee. Read her PDF; her old videos can be found on Telegram (she deletes them given she is heavily monitored.) Graphene is the conductor of what has been already installed.

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"There’s a virus, in the sense that somebody somewhere is looking at something, which probably does have a specific genetic sequence."

The issue is, by definition a virus is a pathogen which causes disease. Looking at something says nothing about the characteristics of the object. The "something" could easily be an artifact of the cell culture process, or from the electron microscopy process. Until the "something" is separated by itself from a sick person, then shown to cause disease in well humans, and then separated again from the new sick humans - all of the posturing is pseudoscientific nonsense. Genetic sequences of human mucous proves nothing about contagion or causality.

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Because they can, that's why they're doing this.

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