way too many out there who still don’t understand that they are victims.

really worried that the next time the focus will be on the kids.

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The jab is the ticket. It’s funny because what I mean by that is it might be our last best hope. RFK Jr on the trail along with celebrities like Jamie Fox and athletes such as Damar Hamlin are bombarding the zeitgeist. I can prove the importance of the jab. All one needs to do is look how TPTB swarmed both the Hamlin & Fox situations. That reaction only happens out of panic.

What’s the worry? I will only give you the short answer but TPTB fear the general population snapping out of their coma. Once that happens there’s no going back and no retreat. The mask that hides their Totalitarian agenda comes off. They will have no choice but to show themselves because they are running out of time. Imagine a rally or protest where hundreds of thousands show up with anger and purpose and no sign of partisanship.

I believe TPTB have already lost. Russia was supposed to have been isolated and scared at this point. This would also extend to the Chinese. Had this happened I’m not sure anyone could have stopped Klaus’s grand Great Reset agenda. However that’s not happening. The Elite Western Powers (Old Order) have no desire to live in a world where they do not call the shots. They will continue to escalate and test both Russia & China up until a metaphoric redline is crossed and nuclear Armageddon kicks off. I don’t believe anyone wants this but think of the Hitler in his bunker story.

So IMHO we must indeed pray for the jabbed. We must encourage and entice them to take notice however we can. Only a solid mass of people can run the politicians who will start WW3 out of town.

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Is forgiveness for me and my soul? Or is forgiveness a response to repentance? If there is no repentance can there still be forgiveness? Philosophical musings.

Do I blame the victims. On some level I do? I am only human. If only people had said no to power overreach then none of this could have happened!

I also recognize that people are the products of their upbringing, their circumstances, their education level, their environment. Thus, the blame would more accurately have to be far greater than on an individual person level. We live in a society that has systematically disempowered and cowed so many. This is a whole society failure. A society shaped by failed governments. It is also a long planned event, at least 60 years in the making, eased into place with careful psychological conditioning escalating over the years, and enacted on the population by cold, hard, humanity hating, narrow-minded men and women (Watch the just out Plandemic 3!).

My thoughts: https://open.substack.com/pub/supersally/p/there-has-been-a-whole-of-government?r=l1r7e&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

Why did I not buy in? My accident of birth (well, maybe not an accident at all if you believe that somehow, we chose to live now and for this), and my neurological prowess, combined with education, training and circumstances led me now. That path was certainly not an easy one. My outlook and circumstances led me to being able to say no. I think I am privileged. But I also know other people whose lives I would consider much harder and much less privileged than me, with far fewer resources, far less formal education (for all that is worth), who also said no! Who continue to stand up.

I blame the human weakness (malleability), the societal decay and the instigators. I try not to blame the victims who did, I have to believe in compassion, as they saw best. I forgive the victims, but not the circumstances that caused this. But some people are both instigators and victims. How do I reconcile this? Then some knew, totally knew what they were doing. Those people I will not forget nor can I forgive (yet). Maybe I will be able to forgive when justice if served.

Do I forgive myself for not having tried harder (though I really did try) to stop my loved ones taking these products, to educate others as best I knew how?

Is it really up to me to forgive? I believe I must act with compassion where I can. I must act with love. I must do what can reasonably be done for the survivors. Neither love nor compassion mean being walked over or taken advantage of.

I fear that we are fast approaching days when resources may mean we have to choose who can be taken care of and to what degree. Will there be easy cures for those harmed. At this point I don't think so. We are going to have to work out how we hold onto our humanity in the face of this.

Do I put all my resources into someone who has taken 6 doses of mRNA and is suffering terribly? Or do I take care of an orphaned child who has not been subjected to the gene experiment? We are going to have to forgive ourselves as we make what were previously unimaginable choices.

These musing went way further than I first intended. Love!

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Good points Amy and great post. Forgiveness is the real art and the correct spiritual path. We must hold the real culprits responsible. This goes way way beyond just the vaccinated and the Covid debacle. It goes to the heart of who holds us hostage and why. Covid, the vaccinated are all designed to keep us in chains. Once we figure the Covid thing out to our satisfaction we will have a world to wrest back from this brink of extinction mandated by this one world government.

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How much blame should we place? I'd say: As much blame as you would on anyone else who willingly endangered you, your family, the world as a whole, and the future survival prospects of your children.

Like, imagine you're on a cross-country journey and the person you're splitting the drive with decides to pull over at a rest stop and give themselves leprosy.

But here's the catch: We can't afford to expend energy on blame at a time when we need to marshall as many collective resources as we can. Cooperation becomes an existential imperative now.

So I clicked on "Another Answer" above.

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I remember the phrase "you should evaluate a public policy by its consequences, not by it's intentions."

I apply that to this habit of blaming the victim. The intention of blaming the victim is to shock people to cause them to reflect on their actions, and a change behavior. How is that going? Are there more examples of victims of anything overcoming their situation by that technique, or more examples of people doubling down in their misery?

It's not meant to be a depressing thought. But you know what they say: a pessimist is an optimist who knows the facts.

Now, I'm going to conjure my bad mood by listening something by Beethoven.

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I don’t watch tv. Which puts me at an advantage of remaining distant from the non stop onslaughts of “ no one is safe”.

Have 2 close friends in healthcare that quit their jobs before yielding to mandated vaxs. The forced get jab or lose job is was cruel. Forced

Jabs to attend college simply unjustified. They the people who created this situation knew that

Free beer, donuts, cash, actors, ads, billions of dollars to get people injected was pure evil.

No way should children be getting these shots.

Have family friends that got the jab for their own reasons. What has now happened is they have divided us friends, families, for an unjustifiable

Fuckery that will haunt us till death we part.

I truly hope each F ukker who played a role

Gets their just karma, hope people think twice before getting another vaxx.

Mandates are the cruelest. We have been fucked over by government, social media, msm press, corporations, tyrants, peer pressure…just to lead a normal life. Normal life is shredded

This game ain’t over either. The Amish did not

Have tv they were not influenced. Everyone has an adult choice unless they're kids. Hard choices… especially at the beginning.

Most people just want to get along, some of us did not go along. Pure evil is seductive, and until we face this evil it will continue to gas light, victimize, shame, guilt, pit each of us against each other playing the what IF game.

Divide conquer. Pandemic now of the vaxxed who are paying with their lives for a decision made, a fatal decision.

Most vaxxed friends family are ok?

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I don’t believe that anyone who was jabbed deserves ‘blame’.

The blame is more rightly directed at those that orchestrated, and pushed the propaganda and fear.

Blame, I think, is a coping mechanism. It is a vehicle for directing unresolved conflict and emotion. Culpability is distinct. ‘Blame’ originates in the 12th c, and meant ‘to find fault with’. ‘Culpable’ stems from culpa, which has an older meaning of ‘state of error’, implies being ‘worthy of blame’, which is why it is used in reference to crime.

Point being: are people actually guilty of a crime for taking the jab? Or did those that touted it as an antidote to the fear people were awash in participate in the true crime of deception and misdirection (sometimes through ineptness or wanton ignorance, but also in a much darker maliciousness, and all points between)?

Making a poor choice, or being influenced by propaganda, or complying to avoid pain, is a far cry from committing a crime or intentionally deceiving others. This is related to the reason why I choose not to use the phrase ‘pureblood’.

The impulse to ‘other’ those that choose/chose differently is very powerful, but ought to be carefully examined and reflected on. There’s an easy conflation that happens when one confuses those that planned, orchestrated, and implemented, with those that complied and went along (to whatever degree).

It’s simplistic to put people in buckets—it can feel ‘right’, but like most things, it ends up being grossly inaccurate and overly judgmental.

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I never had kids, but parents have been successfully groomed by financially incentivized pediatricians that vaccines are the best thing since sliced bread. Youtube is filled with parents videotaping their babies being stripped, pinned down and jabbed… the babies scream incessantly while the parents chuckle. The poor babies seem to instinctively know that stuff is bad, and it’s got to be traumatizing to them on some level to be assaulted 72 times in 18 years. These same parents faithfully get their annual flu shots, because lifelong grooming is hard to undo.

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As someone who fell prey to the idea that I would never see my parents again (in hindsight those who went to the hospital were being murdered), who has since declared everything about covid policy to be a lie, who has written in detail about that lie, I have little more patience for the "purebloods" who preen themselves as better than the rest of us, than I do the covidian true believers.


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And let's not forget all of the jabbed sheep who were demanding that unvaxxed people be jailed or even executed. The zombies who go along with this crap are more dangerous than the ones who plot and execute it, because it needs massive enforcement to work. The brain-dead zombies are the people around us who fight to make sure we get jabbed too. They try to isolate us, discriminate against us, INJURE us. They will be the first people to fink on people who are unjabbed and advocate for our destruction. THEY are the enforcers.

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I’m in your “it depends” percentage, although on second thought, I don’t really blame them at all, except for the early and enthusiastically jabbed. I consider them gullible bandwagon builders. It’s impossible to imagine more than a few demented souls taking the jab knowing they were inviting serious damage to themselves and others. There are easier ways to hurt oneself. When covid first hit, I considered it all but obvious that it was an intentionally released biological weapon. When the vax came out, I didn’t see any reason to suspect it was a weapon too. Fortunately, I had time to be skeptical long enough for it to start looking simply ineffective. It took a while to prove to be downright dangerous. By then, people who didn’t have time to remain skeptical had families to feed and not much reason to feel their government would sell their health and lives for a piece of BP’s action and population control. At worst, they accepted what they thought was a modest risk for staying on a payroll. BlackFlagUp has good reason to be paranoid, but there’s no point in yanking every jabbed citizen’s benefit of the doubt. That’s just ugly ungracious and more the tone of an instigator-troll than a problem solver. There’s no better time than during a crisis to stay under emotional control.

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repeat of my post from gab after reading https://home.solari.com/deep-state-tactics-101-the-covid-injection-fraud-its-not-a-vaccine

I don't get it. Ninja doesn't get it . Articles such as this ( from digital currencies to lockdown cities to one world tyranny , etc ) have been coming out weekly for a few years now . What is true ? What is happening? What do you sideline warriors suggest WE can do about it ? Yes...... every article has that big, big WE waving through the air .

The only results I see are philosophers and Jordan P wannabes trying to impress the rest of us "WE" ...... you know, the one half of one percent who actually even give a hoot about this underground movie. As popcorn eaters burp and pension boys throw spitballs . HA ! But god forbid anyone says ...."hey, if all this shit is true ,we're toast ! Its all one big club ( though, AO, there are still many "groups" within that club) .

So, what is the PLAN ? read this article again. WE are screwed . ( if the scenario presented is on mark ) . What you gonna do ? hmmmm guess i'll just give it a salute . Maybe watch a Red Sox game today. With some Chardonney .

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It really depends. Many who took it had no access to contrary opinions since that was what they were hearing or the videos/posts were taken down by the social media sites. Aside from those who were brainwashed, lots of people were truly coerced into it. The real pandemic was fear which led people to do irrational things.

Those who now regret it are now sharing the same thoughts that would make them anti-vaxxers. The ones who should be blamed now are those who pushed it, and now with all the evidence still want to push it. Also those in the medical profession who stayed silent while people suffered through side effects and died, yet still pushed the "safe and effective" narrative.

At the end of the day, the regret and guilt of giving in is going to be a trauma those who took it may not recover from. Many feel the guilt of not standing up when their instinct said to. Meanwhile, the unvaccinated are still around and doing just fine, but many have the trauma of going through the government-sponsored hate and discrimination. Everyone - no matter if you are vaccinated or not - got screwed big time. We as a whole society now have a trauma one way or another that we may not recover from.

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Lots of good comments, many from people who sound "angry". We should be angry , instead of those who look for excuses for what has and still is transpiring. There are still lots and lots of people worldwide who still don't get what and who is doing this . Even when someone tries to "wake them up" . Wnat amazes me is that many of them are people I know who are not dummies. Or, so i thought. Most people just want to get by . They want to believe that all will be ok .

The evil ones are well hidden from the populace . Like godfathers, they are untouchable and really only known by a very small percentage of us . Until they are taken out ..... things will only get worse.

Hope, and Faith, and Gods I doubt will bring that about. Nor small demonstrations. We are already trapped , one click away from no media, no food, no services . Nah............. tomorrow will be different.

I will just become an optimist . Ahhh, i feel so much better now.

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I DO blame the ones that fell for the 'cult'. I had to put up with people talking about what they would wear, when they would 'time' the injections (in case they felt unwell afterwards and needed time off work??!!!!!) and then how they would get a booster and a flu shot (together or solo?) and then WHAT side effects they had had!!! All like this was part of 'belonging and doing my part'. NO you idiots!!!! You are dumb sheep and lemings and you deserve everything you get! You are EXPERIMENTAL sacrifices!!!! And you let it happen to you you *expletive deleted* so don't complain to ME!!! I do NOT accept they were innocent. Because of them and their WEAKNESS and FEAR, I was 'hunted, shunned and maybe put in a camp to die would be good for those who refuse the sacred jab" ... Yeah. Because these idiots couldn't handle that REAL STRONG and INFORMED people stood up and said NO - my body my choice!!! I am disgusted by them. My own Mom was persuaded by my Dad to take it so she could 'travel' with him!!!!! Their health issues are worse now. Now they want us to forgive them, for ostracizing and penalizing us the ones who said NO we are NOT lab rats? NO we have FREEDOM of BODILY INTEGRITY? WE ARE NOT SLAVES? No. F them.

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