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scrolll down to the part about the babies https://truth613.substack.com/p/part-3-they-told-you-it-was-safe

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Wow. The loss of one's progeny is just a "resolved" problem.

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PUBLIC COMPLAINT AGAINST GOVERNMENTS 01/12/2022 - Action, legal action


תלונת ציבור נגד ממשלות 01/12/2022 - Action, legal action


DENUNCIA PUBBLICA CONTRO I GOVERNI 01/12/2022 - Action, legal action


PLAINTE DU PUBLIC CONTRE LES GOUVERNEMENTS 01/12/2022 - Action, legal action


DENUNCIA PÚBLICA CONTRA GOBIERNOS 12/01/2022 - Action, legal action


Please substitute your state's criminal law codes, disseminate and act in all procedures, send me a copy with the penal codes similar to these Italians


buffa.andrea.salvatore@protonmail.com; andreabuffa@yandex.com

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You may find this post by Professor Norman Fenton fascinating - how the UK govt manipulates data to claim the 'vaccines' have saved millions of lives...


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Pharma should never have done the testing. They should pay a certain amount, and be given someone to do the testing.

And CDC holding patents? The rage when the vaxxed start to do a tiny bit of research

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