I am also fearful of 40 Million Dollars.

In regards to the shot's effect on celebrities people are afraid to look into the abyss. Living in a world where those in power knowingly give us poison is an uncomfortable reality so they would rather assume that there's nothing going on behind the scenes.

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Great! Love the first computer one.

Apparently the sweet spot in education/indoctrination is bachelors/masters. Interesting.

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The cats! Red wine stains rock!

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Songs of the Covid tyranny

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Internment camps for the unvaccinated are still on their agenda. Watch Turfseer’s Music Video THE COMMANDANT. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-commandant

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That one too I am so fearful of yeah 40 million dollars 💵

That explains my failure to date.

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Yeah the West Virginia one was good too, so many hard to remember thanks Joy. So That’s what happened to CPO RDD2. Damn white supremest red neck hillbillies I am one, so I may say. Cross over the Appalachians carefully. Ha

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Best ever!! Best way to get Saturday Funnies on second cup of coffee. Vaxxing hesitant imagine that one of the good things that said pandemic has brought light to. Attention to the control group of the Amish. More people will be hesitant at least the ones paying attention. Tho ... Hank Aaron Jamie Fox now.. just read Germany is throwing away millions of vials. This is a good sign!! Less jabbed much better. And they call us primitive lol 20,000 people bullying Bull Shitting, bribing, blackmailing

Some 7 billion people. We pay for propery water electricity gas taxed by county state feds tobacco alcohol food travel bridge parks yeah we’re free to be primitive in our serfdom. Imagine a country that was Free Brave Universal Justice every one prospered to their level of satisfaction.

Polar Bears seem to be doing just fine, no mandated vaxxines, an inconvenient truth.

The ice caps are melting, the sea level rising,

Plymouth Rock 1620 403 years ago still sits at Sea Level.

Apple one bite and damn we are naked well ...

quick fig leaves. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Good to mock those who mock us. Great therapy.

Humor is essential when we lose our humor it’s time to reboot.

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So many good ones! C3PO and R2D2 in West Virginia really cracked me up! The education level vaccine hesitantly chart was interesting, about confirms what I have seen around me too, something about getting that bachelors or masters degree did some people in. The working class have never trusted the authorities in the first place, at least not where I am from.

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What does "really based" mean?

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