I would also bet on horse #2, but I think the science on viruses should be beyond question in order to justify what they have done over the last couple of years. There are so many questions around the assumptions, process and conclusions of virology it deserves a rigorous examination. One very elementary question is even if contagious viruses were proven beyond doubt, there is still the immunity factor which has been tossed to the curb in favor of quackcine passes. It is easier to check someone's quackcine pass rather than determine their level of immunity.

One serious obstacle to overcome in regards to such an examination of virology is that there are powerful forces that would like for things to remain as they are, with no resolution. Viruses are good for business.

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The horse that took the ivermectin.

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This article just came out https://www.remnantmd.com/phytic-acid/ which happens to discuss zinc.

The symptom "loss of smell and or taste" is highly correlated with zinc deficiency. Glyphosate may confound the problem. What if one cause of what we call covid is deficiency combined with toxicity?

Many are overfed and undernourished. The different levels of oxidative stress in each person and different amounts of medications and varied diets would also account for the rise and fall of 'cases' as opposed to the viral spread of a contagious agent which would suggest ever increasing cases until it burns out. What we have is a pandemic of NCD (non contagious disease) which the WHO forecast back in 2011.

If there is a virus which causes disease, its effect pales in comparison, but we don't need one to explain what is going on and requires a boatload of assumptions. Ockham's Razor suggests that the simpler explanation, that of deficiency and toxicity is preferred.

Then there is a completely different angle that suggests that SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon that was patented before the pandemic began. Some think the quackcines are the bioweapon. Lots to unravel here.

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ever see sorry to bother you? funniest movie of the last 5 years imo, esp if you have been a telemarketer! https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/sorry_to_bother_you_2018https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/sorry_to_bother_you_2018

terrain theory vs. germ theory is a false binary - neither is a theory and both are real as anyone who has studied ayurveda or tcm is aware. in the meantime let's saddle up horse #2

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This was an interesting read. I always appreciate anecdotal information juxtaposed with current theories being tested out, proven / refuted in the scientific community - not my area of expertise, and I am not married to my ideas / belief system.

I read both the Kirsch & Midwestern Doctor articles, which were indeed thought provoking. I am still unsure, or in the 'agnostic' camp, like yourself.

I suppose I am still hung up on the statistical manipulation side of things - how the various health bodies & governments falsified case numbers, and most pertinently in relation to the subject matter in your article - how and why the flu virtually disappeared throughout 2020-2021:

The UK Column used the UK government's own data to show flu cases being almost non-existent. Therefore suggesting that flu had been 'rebranded' as COVID to drive up the case numbers and fear factor. See here at timestamp 46:41 for an analysis on the data with charts from the WHO on screen on 'Number of specimens positive for influenza by subtype': https://www.ukcolumn.org/ukcolumn-news/uk-column-news-1st-february-2021

There are many webs of deceit being woven in real-time, I am not sure if we will ever uncover the truth behind all the damned lies around stats, especially as TPTB keep changing how they define a case, 'with' vs 'from' COVID for cause of death. As well as the UK's ONS no longer breaking down deaths & hospitalizations for comparison between injected / unjected.

It makes one's head spin.

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The virus explanation is the simpler of your two horses. I’m sure you can build another model to describe what we observe, but does it have predictive value? You can describe the observed paths of the planets from earth by assuming instead of the sun, they orbit the earth through a series of layered perfectly circular paths (epicycles), which is in some way aesthetic, but becomes insanely difficult to justify and calculate with for all orbits. Epicycles do not lead to a deeper understanding of the nature of gravity offered by Newtonian mechanics and then General Relativity. Does a non viral model lead to predictions that can be tested and (in)validated, and then can it be employed to improve our understanding and then management of future pandemics? Assuming thats desired that is — obviously by dorking with a virus to make it worse, and deliberately misunderstanding the dynamics (Ferguson, etc.) and management (essentially any government now), improving appears not to be the goal…

The viral model matches well how many diseases behave despite us probably still not understanding most of it. It is tied to observation of actual tiny things and their dynamics at the root of those diseases. Mis-use and deliberate misapplication of a model by those driven by nonscientific interests doesn’t invalidate the model. That said, in this pandemic part of the mismanagement has been employing likely flawed testing + followup in an unprecedented way that could mimic some of the spread dynamics a viral model would give you. You can, and I expect in many cases we did, fake up an asymptomatic pseudo outbreak through bad false positive testing and contact tracing. There definitely has been a non-viral parallel virtual pandemic component to this whole thing.

So for this pandemic my bet is on some kind of quantum superposition of your two horse-states.

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I recommend this documentary "The End of Germ Theory" by SPACEBUSTERS: https://odysee.com/@spacebusters:c9/Final-The-End-of-Germ-Theory:8

Also, the book "The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life" by Arthur Firstenberg could be a good resource for you: https://rstv.mikerockstone.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Invisible-Rainbow.pdf

and ROCK ON \m/

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Apart from the divide in the ranks of the Anti-Vaxxers between Germ-theorists and Terrain-adepts, there is also another issue on which anti-vaxxers have different opinions.

And that is whether covid-19 and the mRNA vaccine roll-out are a deliberate strategy for depopulation of the world, or whether it is an experiment that has gone horribly wrong due to hubris, greed and stupidity, with political power motives playing along.

Michael YEADON, ex vice-president respiratory at Pfizer is clearly in the first camp and he is convinced that it is a deliberate move by WEF and their acolytes to kill a large part of the world population. Same goes for dr David MARTIN who describes the mRNA vaccine as a bio-weapon aimed to depopulate the world and create a new World Order.

I highly respect both of them and the depth of their knowledge.

But I simply cannot see the motive for the WEF and the Elites trying to kill their 'followers'. Because if it is indeed deliberate and the jabs were designed to get rid of those that took them thus killing all their loyal followers that did believe them and faithfully took the vax, they would end up with a remaining world population not sympathetic to their cause (to put it mildly).

The Western heavily-jabbed world would be decimated and the survivors would consist of anti-vaxxers (those smart enough not to fall for their narrative and resisting to take the vax). And the (materially) poor Asian and African countries that were so lucky as not being able to afford taking the vax would become the largest population. That surely cannot be the ultimate goal of a cabal wanting to get rid of 'all the useless eaters' (to quote their horrible WEF-ideologue Noah Yuval Harari).

NOTE: Strangely enough I did not yet come across any publications discussing the above, so maybe one of Amy's followers can point me to info on what could be the motive of the WEF-acolytes to depopulate the world starting with those that follow their 'guidance'.

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Hi Amy, thanks for posting this. You expressed my thoughts on the issue perfectly.

Personally I tend towards the 'terrain theory' (as one commenter correctly wrote - the word 'theory' might put you on the wrong foot here as it is not some hypothetical thought-exercise).

But indeed that does not mean that I categorically dismiss the prevailing 'germ theory'. Like you wrote: if viruses do not exist, what are all those virologists then looking at in their microscopes and categorizing different strains of 'viruses'. Of course, it could be that what we label 'viruses' are nothing more than the toxic debris that our body is excreting when trying to recover from an infection (which is the core of the terrain theory). That would explain transmission by infected persons as well as the fact that afaik no one has ever come across a 'living' virus.

But by flatly denying that viruses exist, some anti-vaxxers (a badge of honour and not a derogatory term imo) 'close the door' to on-the-fencers that might consider the terrain point of view, when it is made clear to them that it might be just a matter of semantics.

Big Pharma has of course a big interest in pushing the 'germ theory' as it is the easy excuse for selling their snake-oil remedies in the War against the Virus. And the insane mask mandates and lock-down policies help to prolonge the broad public belief that the nasty viruses are trying to kill us.

So it doesn't help flatly stating that viruses do not exist, imo the terrain-adepts would be taken more serious (of course only by those that are open to dialogue) when stating that viruses are not living things, but are toxic debris excreted by our body when trying to recover from an infection.

NOTE: I might be dead-wrong on the above, but it is currently the only way I am able to make sense out of the whole argument...

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