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the smoking gun here is that all the ad hominem seems to be coming from one side. drive-by attacks and a lot of sniping. yeah maybe some of this crew are scarred from old battles but you leave that baggage outside.. steve was willing to engage and actually got to a point of negotiation over a debate before the other side apparently bailed over some technicality. i don't spend much time at steve's comments section because there isn't much action - and i strongly suspect that there is an op at play as well.

all the og warrior moms who have been in this since before del bigtree existed are the real role models here.. looking at how the first round of the lethal injection campaign completely tanked when it came down to preschoolers and infants, i think there's hope. trouble is that big harma is pivoting to mrna for the entire childhood vax schedule and that's going to be much harder to resist. we have a slog ahead of us.

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I had never heard of the no-viruses theory until about a month ago. I have no set opinion on the matter. But reading the comments in Celia's post, I recognized something. I mentioned it on Sage Hana's post,

"from my youth growing up in evangelical churches, one of which was just this side of a cult. It smelled like zealotry willing to spite the whole world for one's truth."

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The reason that we can't get along is that we were never friends or "allies" to begin with.

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I don't see why the "there is no virus" and "there is a virus" groups can't cooperate on things. We should all maximize our ability to work with people on important issues regardless of differences. There are people I interact with locally that have all kinds of bizzare beliefs I disagree with, I just try to kindly back up my position when it's not relevant.

When the lockdowns began I told myself then that I was willing to work with anyone (I had a stereotype of my worst enemy at the time) regardless of their past as long as they were willing to work to stop *this*. Which is my primary motivation for writing Tools of the Technocracy.

I agree that there are a ton of uncross-able "red lines" that almost all of us agree on (mandates, treatments, censorship, ect) regardless of personal preferences on other topics. I think there can be more "teams" in the movement though. Not everyone has to be behind the same banner and ideally similar-minded groups would still be interested in cooperating on important initiatives.

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