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This is the most depressing article that I've ever read.

The Beth story at least had Amy finding friendship.

This is just has Old People walking off a cliff and warning Amy to STFU.

edit: Because this is the internet, and text communication is not the best: Not a criticism of the writing or the article, you again took me to the place where the rubber meets the road, and I'm grateful for your abilities to do so...to just keep looking at the light, never flinching.

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I am today watching an old friend, now 88 years old, die slowly from the injections. Only a couple months ago he was in great shape for his age, living alone, driving to see friends and family and run errands, all the things he enjoyed doing. Within what seemed like a few short weeks, he developed congestive heart failure, which led to a steady decline in his overall health. Now he's in the hospital and awaiting transfer to hospice care; his kidneys and other organs are failing, and he will be dead before the end of the week. He was double jabbed and double boosted. Though I told him my views on the so-called vaccines, he still listened to his doctors and took the fatal shots. I'll miss him terribly, and I now know how quickly these fatal shots work on people. It's not pretty; its not fun to watch, and it's doubly troubling to know none of this was necessary or did any good for anyone, no matter what they believe for themselves.

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Such real comment here. Rubber meets the road alright. Thank you.

Let pain be glory’s mask.

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