“Your eyes see straight into people’s souls.”


Your eyes have an internet connection, too!

"(blank), I know you see right through me. I get that. I know that Amy does as well"

Signed, Me


And this is another insanely good post.

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Sep 23, 2022Liked by Amy Sukwan

In my extended family the virtue signalling is gone, but the vaxxed are grouping together and distancing themselves from the unvaxxed, and it's not due to fear of Covid.

I believe on some sort of spiritual level their bodies are telling them that the injections are bad for it - that something was not right after getting injected. It's impacting them in subtle ways right now as they come to terms with what they did.

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Sep 23, 2022Liked by Amy Sukwan

at least the few people I know who support the injection regimen don't virtue signal about it. just not worth trying to have a discussion with them unless it's backed up by mass media articles.

you may not block people, but I do. I've cleared the counter as much as possible on my Facebook profile "friends" list, groups, and even pages I used to follow for humorous content, due to virtue signal contamination.

pro COVID, pro despot, pro biotech arguments? might be a state Agent Smith or Hitler's Kid, plus annoying. Blocked.

Facebook is easier to stomach when it's a totally imaginary fairyland without all the propaganda (they have an old web interface, mbasic.facebook dot com, that doesn't show ads and does messaging for my few contacts I can't get hold of any other way.)

as far as real life interfaces go, my few pro-injection friends and I know better than to bring up that discussion again, because we prefer to remain friends. I don't "party" or go to bars or shows, so it's not like I often have any reason to converse with randos.

I keep up on substack for relevant news which could directly affect my existence and word on how things are proceeding slowly towards Nuremberg 2.

rather asocial, I guess. but it's a lot easier ignoring the virtue signalers and those who support the genocidal Establishment than taking the time and energy to get riled up and attempt to wedge data into chinks in their hermit crab propaganda armored shells.

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The … I think virtue signallers… Actually no idea signallers..

That completely baffle me are the current public mask nose hangers. I mean completely understood when masks were mandated, but now they’re not, so have no idea what message they are trying to convey. You. Don’t. Need. To. Wear. It. Anymore.

Maybe they’re saying “I’m OK, I’m not addicted, I’m not really wearing this mask”

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Sep 23, 2022Liked by Amy Sukwan

it was the muzzle and the nightly 7 pm north korea-style pots-and-pans op that got me shitlisted. "can't believe you're part of that fascist ritual" didn't score me any points.

saddest case was one of my closest friends who ironically has worked in both tv news and pr. so she really knows how the sausage is made. i called her on that and she took offense that i would dis her credentials. we haven't spoken this year - and we go way back, we vacationed together, i was there for all her breakups, she was there for all of mine.

then again she's in an abusive marriage and completely in denial. and probably 3-4x jabbed by now

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