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Friday Funnies

Coming Home to Two EMS Ambulances

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A Merry Christmas to All!

Is the Earth Really Overpopulated? Analyzing Another Conspiracy Theory

Midweek Memes

Detoxing From mRNA Vaccine Shedding

Saturday Strip

More Memes!

King of Thailand's Daughter Collapses Following Possible Heart Attack

Midweek Memes

International Travel and the State of Covid: December 2022

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For Love of Money

Weekend Memes-Conspiracy Theory Edition!

Pfizer Classified Miscarriages as Resolved Adverse Reactions in Trial Data

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The Global Fertility Decline

So What Is Going on in China?

Sunday Funnies

Storytime With Amy Special

Things I am Thankful For

Could They Have Been Routing More Harmful Covid Vaccine Lots to Republican Areas?

Midweek Memes

Would You Attribute Vaccines As a Cause of Death With My First Husband?

Sunday Strip

Were You Or Someone You Know Injured by a Covid Vaccine That Was Required For Employment?

Friday Funnies

So What Happened to the Pfizer Vaccine Trial Participants?

Midweek Memes the Mask Edition

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There Was a 72% Drop in Births in Australia Nine Months After Jab Rollout

Friday Funnies

Is Bitcoin Going Down for the Count?

Happy Election Day! And Loy Krathong!

What are Alternatives to PayPal?

Memes About Amnesty

Weekend Memes

Life Insurance Carnage

Midweek Memes

Covid Quarantine Care in Thailand--A First Hand Account

Sunday Strip

The Hucksterism of Self Driving Vehicles

Friday Funnies-- The Halloween Edition!

Midweek Memes

The Vaccine as Savior

The Science of Genocide

Monday Memes

Immigration and Vaccines

There is Test to Check if a Death Was Related to a Covid Jab

CDC Adds Covid "Vaccines" to Childhood Schedule

When Did You Know It Wasn't Really About the Covid Virus?

Midweek Memes

The Purchase of 10 Covid Jabs for Each EU Citizen is the Biggest Corruption Scandal of All Time

Sunday Strip

Weekend Memes

Thailand Approves Pfizer Covid Jabs for Babies 6 Months Through Four Years Old

20 Million Dead and 2.2 Billion Vaccine Injured Since Covid Jab Rollout

Midweek Memes

Vaccines and the Normalization of Fetal Death

Florida Stops Recommending mRNA Jabs on Men Under 40

Weekend Memes

Midweek Memes

Is This Why They're Really Trying to Kill Us?

Collage of Compliance Part 10: A Followup

Ed Dowd: If Excess Mortality Continues Life Expectancy Could Drop to 53 By 2025

Friday Funnies

Watching the Safe and Effective Premier

Midweek Memes

Thailand's Demographic Collapse

What's Going on in China?

Sunday Strip

Saturday Strip

Collage of Compliance Part 9: The Virtue Signalers

So What is in These Blood Clots?

Midweek Memes

How to Survive a Grid Collapse

Weekend Memes

Survivor: The Sukwan Years

How Are Your Personal Finances Since the Covidcon?

Things That Made Me Chuckle...

Doctors Declare International Health Crisis Due to the Covid "Vaccines"

More Memes

Why Are There So Many Graves?

Friday Funnies

Stop the Shots and Catch the Murderers

Weekday Memes

Reviewing the Psychology of Compliance

Memes from my Cousin's Facebook

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Health Canada has Approved Three Shots on Eight Mice

What Happened in the Clinical Trials With Pregnant Women?

A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation

The First Nine Chapters of Surviving Toledo

An Alternative Theory to Why the Vaccinated are Not Paying Attention

Weekend Memes

Is the Pivot Finally Coming to Blaming Trump for the "Vaccines"?

This Explosion in Cancer Rates is Too Hard to Miss

What Do You Think Killed Anne Heche?

Stunning: 44% of Pregnant Women Lost Their Babies in Pfizer Trial

It's Back to School Season!

Just Some Memes

What Are Your Odds of Dying in the Next 60 Days?

How to Determine a Vaccine Death, How to Heal From Covid Jabs

A Video of Twitter Rolling Back Likes on a Covid Antijab Thread

NHS: Record Number of Ambulance Calls for Life Threatening Conditions in England

Collage of Compliance 7.3: The Creative Community

Child Abuse Detective Suspended For Trying to Learn the Parent's Vaccine Status Following Infant Deaths

How Conspiracy Theorists Got a Bad Rap

Collage of Compliance 7.2: A Conversation With Mom

What Do You Think About 9/11?

Collage of Compliance 7.1: The Ties That Bind

Two Quick Polls

What Do You Think is Causing Climate Change?

#Nuremberg2 Is Trending on Twitter

What Was Your Lowest Point of the Last Two Years?

Welcome to the Digital ID Dystopia

I Found Tucker Carlson's Banned on YouTube Covid Jab Clip

Do You Have Any Stories Regarding Medical Treatment of You or a Loved One Since 2020?

Weekend Memes

Wading Into the Is There a Covid Virus Debate

There's Been an Alarming Rise in Deaths from Unknown Causes In Alberta

The Reason I Worry Covid Theater Will Become Permanent

More Memes

My Suggestion On Steve Kirsch's New $1 Million Offer

Welcome to the Dystopia

Are the People Really Pushing Back?

Random Memes

Do Not Comply and Stop the Shots Are Both Trending

Have You Lost Trust in the System?

Me and My Daughter May or May Not Have Covid

Pfizer is Trending on Twitter

Could the Disappearing "Enrollees" from the Pfizer Trial Explain Differences in Death Numbers?

Ken Wilber and the Shadow Self

Rest in Peace Technoblade

Do You think Covid Is Over?

I Searched All of Your Google Trends Suggestions

More Google Trends Stuff

Roe Vs Wade and Google Trends Data!

What Happened With Steve Kirsch's Page?


Friday Funnies

Are You Tasked With Writing the Obituary for Someone Who Died Suddenly?

Have You Been Rejected For Questioning Some Part of "The Science"? Let Me Know in the Comments!

Why Are So Many People Still Getting Covid on Cruise Ships?

Twitter Users Are Pushing Back

Would the Covid Jab Mandate Ground All Commercial Pilots?

How Did You Decide That the Covid "Vaccine" Wasn't Right For You?

Transhumanism and the Universe

The Dangers of Virtue Signaling

The First Eight Chapters of My Fictional Dystopia

Did Sage Hana's Dream analysis Lead to My Dream About Sage Hana?

Is This What SADS Looks Like?

Maybe This Will Help With Inflation

Now Trending on Twitter

Reading a Birth Chart

Lost Post on the Chinese New Year

Having Fun With Google Trends

"We Are Expecting a 5000% Increase in Excess Mortality for This Year"

A Meme I Can Agree With

Collage of Compliance Part 6

Paging Steve Kirsch

Did Police in the Uvalde, Texas School Shooting Directly Violate Their Training Protocol?

More Stories of Animal Rescue From Thailand

About the Texas and Buffalo Mass Shootings

About that Car Accident With Me and My Stripper Cousin

Collage of Compliance Part 5

Memes From a Former Stripper, Again

Why Did One Million Extra People Die in America in 2021?

A Guest Blog Post From My Grandmother

My Book 2 Prologue is Out

My Book 2 Prologue is Out There

Collage of Compliance Part 4

Taking a Break For Mother's Day

Pictures From Wat Muang Mai

In Memory of Those Who Died Suddenly

The J&J Shot has Been Restricted by the FDA

Still Waiting on the CDC 2021 Birth Data

The Arc of Fraud: Interview With Naomi Wolf and Edward Dowd

The Stock Market is Going to Burn

About That Snake Venom

Puppies, Chickens, and Funny Memes

Chapter 3 and 4 of the Last Verse: The Realm of the Dead

The CDC Facemask Order on Public Transit Is Lifted

More Memes From a Former Stripper

Bird Flu, Vaccines, PCR Tests and the Flawed Reasoning of Proactive Management

False Flags: Analyzing the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre

An Easter Message of Hope

Memes From a (Former) Stripper

Calling All Spooks!

Collage of Compliance, Part 3

Just Some Animal Portraits

Keeping an Eye on CDC All Cause Mortality

Collage of Compliance, Part 2

Collage of Compliance, Part 1

All About Puppies, and a Chicken

In Memory of the Dead

Is the DMED Database Really Showing an 1100% Increase in All Cause Mortality

Just a Quick Note

Getting to the Heart of a Matter

What Do You Think Took Down the China Eastern Flight?

There's Been Four Times as Many Cardiac Deaths Among FIFA Atheletes in 2021 As Average

Blowing Up the Malthusians

What Happens When the Power Goes Out?

Is the Death of a Two Year Old Why the FDA Paused Approval of the Pfizer Jab for 6 Month to 4 Year Olds?

Only 1291 Unique Side Effects Were Noted to the Pfizer Jab

Just a quick note

Covid and the State of the Union

The Smoking Gun Part 2

The Drums of War

Searching for Beth

Crossing the Rubicon

The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

Can You Solve the Pro Vaxxers Holy Grail

Why Do Only 10% to 35% of Household Members Get Covid?

Can We Have a Talk About Facemasks?

Supply Chain Shortages? What Supply Chain Shortages?

Admissions of a Former Pro Vaxxer

What I do at my Day Job

Of Mice and Men: Could We be Looking at Total Human Annihilation

Are You in the USA and Still Facing Jab Mandates? Here's a Few Useful Resources

Births in China Drop to the Lowest Level on Record

Can You Find the Smoking Gun?

There's Been a Stunning 1/3 Drop in Births Between 2020 and 2021 in Thailand

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Vaccines, Coercion and Control

Explaining Bradford-Hill Criteria and Covid Vaccines

Excess Deaths and Playing With Statistics